Glow Dreaming and BabaSocial partnered in 2021 as part of the UK launch. After a huge success in their home country of Australia with their scientifically engineered 5-in-1 sleep aid the brand is going from strength to strength in the UK and beyond.


The brand are so confident in this product, the brief was for influencers to publish a review if and when they achieved sleep success. Low and behold, the sleep success keeps coming. The common challenge of children and sleep is an emotive and relatable subject that the community consistently engages with.


BabaSocial has an always on strategy, seeding new influencer partnerships each month, covering a range of age groups and sleep concerns.

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For the last 2/3 years, Ella-Rose suffered from night terrors & sleep walking. Not only did it disturb her sleep, she would wake up screaming, crying & thrashing out ? We'd often find her walking downstairs or into the kitchen ?

We visited the GP & tried everything they suggested - waking her when it's due to occur, a relaxing bedtime routine, reducing stress etc... but none of this worked, so we just accepted it for what it was. I was anxious every night, I couldn't relax knowing she'd soon wake up ? - it was always the same time each night (about 9-9.30pm)

We were kindly sent the @glowdreaming machine to try out. As with anything, I wasn't too hopeful as nothing else had worked. The first couple of nights, Ella-Rose was a bit obsessed with it - she kept asking for the light to be turned up or down, or to green (which is for day time) ? We convinced her to give it a go & after a few days she started asking for it to go on for bed ?

We've been using it for over a month now & I'm still in awe of how amazing its been for us ? Ella-Rose has not had a single night terror, she hasn't experienced any sleep walking & we often have to wake her on a morning as she's sleeping longer ? It's now become a normal part of our night time routine & I couldn't recommend it enough! ❤

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