Focused on the parent and baby world, we believe in creating partnerships for brands with influencers that truly love their products, leading to authentic and relatable content.

As the founder of BabaSocial, Gemma saw the demand for an Influencer Marketing agency within the Parent & Baby world that added structure, and gave brands peace of mind when investing in gifted collaborations.

Over time BabaSocial has evolved organically as the approach to relationship driven collaborations took root, with both influencer and brand feel comfortable and have clarity in the way they work with us.

We take great care with both the influencer and brand to make sure every collaboration has the right fit, getting to know our influencers allows us to identify what they will love and at what stage in parenthood the products will be most welcomed. It’s this mutual respect of influencers and brands that has enabled BabaSocial to have great, long standing relationships.

The journey in this fast paced industry never gets old, the team love getting to know new faces all the time. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know anymore about BabaSocial.

Team Baba x


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